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xARTWORK - the formats we can use ......

Artwork should be produced in Adobe Illustrator or EPS or PDF's that have been
created in Adobe Illustrator. Type fonts should be converted to outline paths.

Pixel based art (PSD's or JPG's,) should be minimum 300dpi high resolution for
optimum print quality. Full colour halftone process can only be printed on to White;
on dark colours we would need to apply an opaque white undercoat first.

Don't send low resolution files, JPGs and PNGs designed for websites, iPhones etc.
These are not high enough quality for commercial printing and not fit for purpose.

Artwork can be uploaded using the 'Request a Visual Proof' link shown below.

Artwork template
Artwork template
LogoMike® Cubes: Product is: 65mm wide x 58mm height. Print area: 55mm wide x 51mm height.
LogoMike® Triangles: Product is 95mm wide x 52 height. Print Area: 82mm wide x 45mm height.
(The hole in the top of LogoMike
® accepts any Microphone from 5mm dia. up to 44mm dia. shaft thicknes).

< Download a FREE ARTWORK TEMPLATE here to give to your designer - just click the artist
 HiKoy® Microphone Windshields.
Download a Free artwork
template for reference or
to pass to your designer.

Just click on the artist....
(Opens up in new window
for you to save or print out)

It is our policy to provide a visual proof to meet with the high standards of ISO 9000
and the British Printing Federation - so you may order in total confidence.

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